Dialing The Wrong Number

Hi family,

Who do you dial when you are angry, excited or in need of comfort?

Are you dialing the wrong number?

I know there is someone out there who may have shared a secret with a “friend” or it could even be a relative and came to regret it afterwards. And why is that so? Not every number we go dialing is the right number. Some are not genuine, some have to be temporarily disconnected because they turn our secrets or mistakes into gossip. Some were once active and true to us but are “no longer in service”. The people at the end of the line no longer desire our good. Fortunately, you may not have had this experience but there are many people who do. Yes, because they went dialing the wrong number.

We serve a God who is always available to listen to us and provide all the help that we need. And yet, even though talking to Him is so simple and free to everyone, many people still don’t go to Him in prayer.

So many of us are dialing the wrong number when things happen.

We consult everyone except the one we really should. The first person we should talk to is often times the last or sometimes we don’t even talk to Him at all. The one who holds our future should never be last on the list. In fact, he should be on speed dial.

Many persons go to God after the fact, when things go downhill. But what about going to Him before we make our decisions? Why not seek Him first? When we follow God’s leading we can rest assured that He always has our best interest at heart.


It is for this very reason that we will be launching “My Recharge Spot” very soon. This is a place for you, your family and your friends, a place for everyone to come, take a break from the busy routine and recharge.

When we are recharged we are better able to make decisions that are in our best interest, decisions that bring us closer to Christ.

If you or someone you know has made a bad decision in the past where you went dialing the wrong number, there is still hope. God is still available to answer your calls. Why not dial Him today?



When blessed, pray.

When going through trials, pray.

When in doubt, pray.

When depressed, pray.

When anxious, pray.

When you see someone falling, pray.

When you are struggling or even when you are overflowing with blessings, don’t ever forget to talk to God.

Don’t go dialing the wrong number. Remember to thank Him when you are blessed too and not only when things look dim.

When was the last time that you spent quality time with God? He is waiting to hear from you.


1st Thessalonians 5:17

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